Our program gives you several choices. You have a basic choice between our Sunday morning program and our Family Ed program. And within the Family Ed program you may choose Mondays or Wednesdays, whichever fits your family best. While very different in style, both provide a solid foundation in the Catholic faith. Families solidify that foundation by attending Mass regularly and by what they do at home.

If your child will receive First Reconciliation (Confession) and First Holy Communion this year, that preparation is done in parallel with the child’s regular faith formation.

Sunday Morning Religious Education

This is a traditional grade level program for grades K-7. It starts at 9:00 am with dismissal at 10:15 am, and runs from the end of September to May. For text books, we use:

  • Grades 1-5 use Loyola Press’ Finding God.
  • Grades 6-7 meet together as one class and use the text series Be My Disciples from RCL/Benziger. The texts all focus on Jesus Christ – in the New Testament, in Liturgy and more. We alternate textbooks each year to provide a well-rounded understanding of Jesus.

Parents attend the opening of the first session with their children.

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Family Ed

Our Family Ed program provides instruction, activities and experiences for the child and at least one adult together. It meets on Monday or Wednesday; you choose the day that fits your schedule.

Family Ed consists of two parts:

1. Monthly Meetings

Once a month, there is a 2-hour session focused on a particular topic.  Families sit and work together.  Videos, interactive games, role-playing and other activities are designed for students of varied ages supported by adult participation.  Often the activities provide opportunities for parent-child conversations and/or parent coaching.

2. Intervening Weeks

During the intervening weeks (between the in-person sessions) families review and discuss the upcoming Sunday readings in preparation for each Sunday’s Mass. The parish provides online links to the reading and possible activities.
Sessions start in early October and continue monthly through May. Sessions meet from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We offer a simple supper at 5:30 pm to make your attendance easier.
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First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation (Confession)

These sacraments are typically celebrated in second grade with a 2-year preparation cycle (1st and 2nd grade). Your child needs to be receiving that core faith preparation either in one of the parish faith formation programs (above) or by attending Catholic school.

Immediate preparation for the sacraments is a partnership between the family and parish. It consists of at-home book work with parish-based workshops and review.

If you have a child ready for the sacraments, please make sure you let the Faith Formation Office know that – either at the time you register your child for Faith Formation classes or through a call (607-733-3484) or email (ElmiraFF@dor.org).

First Reconciliation normally is celebrated in December. Preparation begins in September and starts with a parent meeting.
First Holy Communion is typically celebrated in May. Preparation begins in January.

Children must celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation prior to receiving First Holy Communion.

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